Wave and tidal has little long-term effects on wildlife

Wave and tidal has little long-term effects on wildlife
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Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has published a report on the effects of deploying wave energy devices and tidal turbines on displacement of birds and marine mammals.

Measurements and observations were made at EMEC's wave and tidal sites and it concludes that there are limited long-term effects.

The study provides a comprehensive review of the wildlife observed at both of EMEC's locations  and, specifically, investigates the potential influence of device installation, operation and related activity, upon marine wildlife distribution and abundance. Spatial and temporal variations in relation to wider environmental parameters, unrelated to development activity, are also considered. 


Results indicate that some displacement occurs in the short-term, but that displaced populations return to the area in the longer-term.

This suggests that displacements occur during construction and deployment, when there is a significant amount of vessel activity, with the situation normalising afterwards.


To download "Analysis of the possible displacement of bird and marine mammal species related to the installation and operation of marine energy conversion systems", please click here.