ETIP Ocean activities supporting the SET Plan

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ETIP Ocean activities supporting the SET Plan
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ETIP Ocean is supporting the progress towards the SET Plan targets by working in a close collaboration with the SET Plan Implementation Plan working group, mainly through the OceanSET project.

During 2019, the actions included participating in the SET Plan Implementation Plan Working Group meetings; gathering consolidated sectoral positions and structured information; responding to consultations; provision of specific advice where needed, and informing the ocean energy sector about the work of SET Plan for Ocean Energy working group.

The actions strengthened the link between ETIP Ocean and the SET Plan Implementation Plan working group and ensured that the actions within ETIP Ocean are in line with the work of the Working Group.

The continuous liaison with the OceanSET project enabled efficient information sharing, which ensured consistency of the efforts in the two projects.

Participating in the wider SET Plan activities gave a good understanding of the progress of the whole SET Plan. It also allowed for ETIP Ocean to share updates with the wider SET Plan community and explore synergies with other sectors.

All actions ultimately contribute to achieving the SET Plan targets for ocean energy - 10 ct€/kWh by 2030 for tidal and by 2035 for wave energy.

You can find the report here.


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