The NeSSie project published a report summarising the results of the three studies conducted during the project.

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Ocean Energy Europe has published its annual statistics on the developments of the ocean energy sector.

On the 10th of April, ETIP Ocean published a new report ‘Powering Homes Today, Powering Nations Tomorrow’, putting a spotlight on the ocean energy technology’s progress over the past 2 years.

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A study published in Communications Biology on the 4th of April 2019 examines whether localised wakes from man-made structures can generate predictable foraging hotspots for top predators.

OES Annual Report 2017 1 1 4

Ocean Energy Systems (OES) is the short name for the Technology Collaboration Programme on Ocean Energy Systems under the International Energy Agency (IEA).

This paper describes the state of knowledge that drives the consenting (permitting) processes for the Ocean Energy industry.

Almost 20 years after the UK’s first wave energy innovation programme came to an end in the 1980s, a new programme to accelerate the development of wave energy technology was launched.

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ETIP Ocean has identified 14 priority barriers that need to be overcome for ocean energy to reach commercialisation. 

People interested in tracking progress in developing Scotland’s wave energy technology can now access a new online library, launched on 20 July by Wave Energy Scotland (WES).