Webinar: Stage Gate design tool for ocean energy

Webinar: Stage Gate design tool for ocean energy
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25 February

3 pm UTC / 4 pm CET


Jillian Henderson, Wave Energy Scotland
Ben Hudson, Wave Energy Scotland

The second joint webinar with DTOceanPlus will focus on a Stage Gate design tool.

Stage gate processes such as the Wave Energy Scotland programme, and also proposed by ETIP Ocean in the Powering Homes report, aim to mitigate risk through consistent assessment against standardised metrics for success. They allow comparing competing technologies and select the best, lowest risk options for further investment and development.

Stage gate processes have been seen to be successful in a range of new and emerging technology sectors.

DTOceanPlus is developing a Stage Gate design tool to provide a consistent assessment process and support the decision-making of several users including technology developers, public funders and investors.

Led by Wave Energy Scotland, project representatives describe the general concept, its practical implementation and future work.

View the presentation slides here.



Webinar findings:

Why it’s needed:

- Stage gate process has been proven to drive innovation
- No consensus on technologies in ocean energy sector
- Wave & tidal less mature than other renewables – difficult to compare different concepts and determine which ones to fund
- Urgently need consistency in assessment processes
- Pathway to demonstrate progress to investors

The Stage Gate design tool aims to:

- Provide a framework to assess ocean energy technology
- Facilitate clear consistent assessment
- Enable technology developers to demonstrate success
- Enhance the DTO+ suite by bringing all assessment processes together

Who benefits from it?

- Technology developers – to track progress of their development
- Public funders – to help allocate funding in a clear and objective way
- Investors – to give confidence in technologies’ performance and investment opportunities

The tool is divided into different stages, with ‘gates’ between. As you move through the stages, less technologies get to the next level.

Example: NWEC Projects

- Stage 1: 8 technologies – floating, bottom mounted, attenuator…
- Stage 2: 4 technologies
- Stage 3: 2 technologies that will be tested in sea this year

Stage gate tool will be applicable for wave and tidal energy sub-systems, devices and arrays.

User will get a list of activities to be completed in each stage of the programme.

The assessment functionality of the tool can be run in two modes:

- Applicant (technology developer) - answers questions about the performance of their technology - views results & produces report
- Assessor (public funder or investor) - reviews results and uses scoring criteria to mark stage gate assessment - produces scored application form

Stage gate tool will be tested & validated using data supplied by the project’s industrial partners.

- Technology developers: identify what needs to be done to meet the next stage, assess what stage their technology is at
- Public and private investors: identify R&D opportunities, assist in investment decisions

Report on the Q&A session can be found here.