Webinar: Best consenting practices for ocean energy

Webinar: Best consenting practices for ocean energy
CorPower and EMEC microgrid at EMEC Scapa Flow test site Credit Colin Keldie courtesy of WES DJI 0014

15 December 2020 

10 am UTC / 11 am CET 

Lotta Pirttimaa, Ocean Energy Europe
Jessica Wilson, Marine Scotland
Iratxe Mentxaka, Azti


Consenting is an important part of any ocean energy project. Due to a reduced number of devices at sea, lack of details about the potential impact to marine environment lead to cautious approaches on risk assessment. This can slow down consenting and delay or even prevent the deployment. Multiple, often simple, solutions could significantly improve consenting of ocean energy projects.

In this webinar, you will hear about the best practices in ocean energy consenting already in place in Scotland, and how these can be transferred to other regions as for example Spain and Portugal.

The webinar will also feature a presentation of the new ETIP Ocean report 'Ocean energy and the environment: Research and strategic actions' that examines the latest research on environmental impact and makes recommendations for improved consenting for ocean energy.

You can view the presentation slides here:

Lotta Pirttimaa

Jessica Wilson

Iratxe Mentxaka