Ocean Energy & New Horizons Roundtable

Ocean Energy & New Horizons Roundtable


24 November 2021

10 am UTC / 11 am CET


The Ocean Energy & New Horizons Roundtable, organised by OceanSET and ETIP Ocean, aimed to facilitate the preparation of the Horizon Europe 2023-2024 Work Programme. The latest projects on the technological frontier were presented and information shared on ocean energy’s research and innovation priorities.

The Roundtable also provided an overview of the ocean energy SET Plan Implementation Working Group’s work to date on the 2023-24 Work Programme.

The Roundtable consisted of national and regional funding agencies from across Europe.

The presentations from Sweden, Pays de la Loire and Wales showed that a lot has been done to progress the ocean energy sector in the past years - and many activities are in the planning. More collaboration on topics such as integration with other technologies, environmental monitoring and infrastructures will help further boost the sector's development.

This can be done via an ambitious set of calls for ocean energy in the Horizon Europe 2023-2024 Work Programme.

You can view the presentation slides here:



Image: Hydroquest